Although the services appear quite similar there is a lot of difference in both the amount of time taken and the type of treatment available. The time taken is also dependent on the size of your dog and in particular the condition of its coat, ie, is your dog long or short haired, or is the coat particularly matted etc. As a result cost can therefore vary, however before any grooming takes place we will always discuss and agree on the specific needs of your dog to your satisfaction. Nail clipping and ear cleaning are included in all the packages below.


BATH & BRUSH- This includes two shampoo hydro baths and rinses with a full blow dry and complete and thorough brush. Prices start from £30.00

BATH & TIDY - Everything in the Bath & Brush above but with the addition of a trim around your dog's face, feet and under the tail. Prices start from £35.00

FULL GROOM - All the above but including an all over coat trim with scissors and clippers. Prices start from £40.00 

PUPPY PACKAGE -Puppies need to be introduced to grooming carefully. A bad first experience can affect them every time they are  groomed from then on, which is why I like to take a slow, sympathetic approach. This consists of a warm gentle bath with puppy shampoo followed by a very soft dry. Prices start from £25.00

HANDSTRIPPING - This is the removal of dead hair on wire and some wool coated breeds, such as Terriers and Spaniels. After I have completed handstripping I give your dog a full bath, brush and tidy. Alternatively some owners prefer a completely clipped coat instead. Prices start from £50.00 

EXTRAS - I can offer you luxury shampoo and conditioners as well as bows, bandanas  and creative grooming. Prices start from £2.00

Discount structure for multiple dogs.